We provide resources and education to engage
citizens in building more beautiful communities.



KAB is proud to recognize the 2007-2008 KAB Award Winners & Honorable Mention Winners for their efforts to Clean, Beautify, Educate and Protect our community environment! The KAB Awards recognize the most outstanding efforts in the community in eight different categories below.


Winner: Town Lake Trail Foundation
Community Involvement
Winner: City of Austin WPDR
Honorable Mention: Sheffield Education Center
Dennis Hobbs Individual Achievement
Winner: Rene Barrera
Freescale Youth Achievement
Winners: Garza's Gardens/Clint Small Middle School
Industry Leadership
Winner: Austin Energy
Honorable Mention: Whole Foods Market
Litter Abatement
Winner: The Rhizome Collective
Honorable Mention: Slaughter Creek Greenbelt Cleanup/Bill DeLong
Recycling & Waste Reduction
Winner: Habitat Restore
Honorable Mention: Trash to Treasure
The Best of the Best KAB Award Winner for the 22nd Annual Keep Austin Beautiful Awards was Rhizome Collective

Congratulations to ALL of the KAB Award Winners!