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Teaching youth about the environment is easy with Activity Kits stocked with supplies and with an easy to follow lesson planto lead a hands-on activity. 

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Patch Pal Activity Kit Topics

Litter be Gone - Realize the impact of litter on our waterways and environment. Make cultural interpretations by charting the kinds of litter found on a cleanup.
Watersheds - Find the watershed you live in, identify pollutants that affect it, and how you can take action to protect it.
What's in da Water (Aquatic Bugs) - Discover how plants and animals can be used to determine the “health” of a waterway.

What's in da Water (Chemistry) - Identify the physical and chemical characteristics of a healthy waterway and perform chemical tests to analyze the health of a particular waterway. 
Beneficial Bugs - Discuss the role of beneficial bugs; collect, observe, and identify insects and their characteristics; and identify the various stages of an insect’s lifecycle.
A Day in the Lifecycle of a Bug - Define arthropod, invertebrate, insect, and arachnid.  Learn basic insect anatomy and physiology. Identify unique characteristics on different species.
Mammal Tracking - Recognize common animals living in Austin watersheds by locating their habitat, tracks, scat and photos. 
Get Clean Eco Friendly Cleaners - Describe the hazards of household chemicals and test less toxic alternatives to these products. Discuss urban forms of pollution and brainstorm ways to reduce chemical pollution.
Seed Balls - Beautify a local school or park while learning the value of planting native by making native seed balls.
Outdoor Adventure - Activities to compliment a nature hike and raise awareness of the outdoors including birding and wildflower identification.

Generation Zero Activity Kits

A youth education program of the City of Austin, Austin Resource Recovery to promote zero waste.

Landfill Logic - Compare and contrast characteristics of waste, what’s in our trash, and how trash is processed in a landfill.

Diversion Dash - Take a journey through the recycling process.

Worm Wonders - Explore the science of composting and observe worms and other microbes.

Activity Kits in Action

Photos of the Activity Kits in action!

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"The Herb kit was a huge success! The kids absolutely loved the activities; the kits are so well organized too! Thanks for this awesome resource! Thanks!"

"The curriculum was well rounded, age appropriate for our students, and presented unique ways of learning."

"This made earning the GS Badge awesome!"

"The Keep Austin Beautiful Kits made the fair so doable and accessible for everyone to understand and implement."