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You can now recycle your dry cleaning bags at participating cleaners in Austin. Cycled Plastics is working with several dry cleaners to collect the bags.

Participating Dry Cleaners include:

  1. Reid's Dry Cleaners (16 locations)
  2. Comet Dry Cleaners (5 locations)
  3. Garnett Lewis Dry Cleaners (1 location)
  4. Four Sons Dry Cleaners (1 location)
  5. Ecoclean (1 location)
  6. Sweet Cleaners (5 locations)
  7. Westbank Cleaners (9 locations)
  8. Rick's Cleaners (14 locations)

Most of these cleaners also take their hangers back.  So, you can now bring back everything they give you with your clean clothes.

If the cleaner you use is not participating ask them to start recycling.  To participate they should contact Cycled Plastics at 512-339-8787 or sales@cycledplastics.com

*you can also recycle dry cleaning bags and newspaper bags at at the store-fronts of select retailers in Austin including Central Market, HEB, Randalls, Walgreens, Walmart and Whole Foods Market.